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Paul Lafferty , ForestSales.ie and James Cleary & Sons are fully Licensed Auctioneers  with The Property Services Regulatory Authority PSRA Licence No. 003900
Only Licensed Auctioneers can legally  sell or buy  a property on behalf of another. 

Beware of unlicensed operators with conflicts of interests!

If you would like to have your forest listed for sale on this website you will need to contact Paul Lafferty on any of our numbers or by email to discuss the terms such as sales fees and an advertising budget (how much you wish to spend on advertising your forest for sale)

Wanted Urgently Land Suitable  For Forestry With Or Without Approval 

Once we have agreed on these terms we will need:

1. Forest service reference Number or Numbers if planted over different years. (Example are CN 12345, WP 1234)

2. Planting year of forest or forests.

3. Species Map. This map would have been submitted by your forester to The Forest Service at time of planting and a copy is available on request from the Forest service. It should be received by email preferably. This map shows what type of trees are planted and what area in Hectares (Ha.)

4. Folio Number or Numbers. This is from the legal document showing the owner ship of the forest and helps us to accurately locate the forest There may be more than one Folio number involved in a forest. Typical Folio numbers are A forest in Mayo will have a folio number beginning with MY followed by 4or 5 numbers and often the letter F i.e. MY12345F Clare CE 76789F

5. Confirmation of Annual Premium The Copy of the receipt received from Forest Service when the last premium was paid. It should clearly show the Amount of the premium, the premium number ie 5th premium, and the date it was paid. Click here for sample

6. Consent to publish the above details online.

7. Home address and contact details (Which will not be published).

Note: If you are selling land suitable for forests we will only require the folio numbers and a copy of Afforestation approval if you have it. All Land is sold subject to Afforestation Approval.

Once these details are sent to us we carry out a valuation and estimate the value of the forest. We will then Advise you of the value and list the forest and the above details will be available to anyone who registers with us. We will the advise you of all offers we receive.

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